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Three Helpful Tips to Flossing With Braces

Dental flossBraces can be miracle workers, giving you a straight and attractive smile while solving all sorts of orthodontic problems. However, if teeth are not properly cared for while the braces are attached to your teeth, you will find that your straight and attractive smile has suffered once the braces have been removed.

Properly caring for you teeth while the braces are on includes regular brushing, flossing, and trips to your dentist and orthodontist.  Of all these steps, wearers of braces sometimes find flossing to be the most difficult.  Just how do you floss when you have braces attached to you teeth? To help you with this tricky task, follow these three big tips.

Tip #1: Use waxed floss

All floss is not created equally. Un-waxed floss can easily catch on the edges and wires of the braces, which can leave behind little pieces and shreds of floss.  Waxed floss, on the other hand, will glide smoothly and easily through the teeth, making the flossing action much simpler.

Tip #2: Use a floss threader

The trickiest part of flossing with braces is navigating around the wires. A floss threader is an inexpensive tool makes this navigation infinitely easier.  A floss threader looks like a large, plastic needle and helps you put the floss in the right place.  To start, thread the floss through the opening on one side.  Then, take the needle and insert it under the archwire of the braces.  You can then pull the floss through the space between your teeth and floss the teeth and the gum line.  You can then repeat this action for all your teeth until everything is clean.

Tip #3: Finish off with a proxy brush

When you are wearing braces, it’s not just in between your teeth where food particles get stuck.  They can also get stuck in the brackets and wires of your braces.  One extra step that can help keep everything clean is to finish flossing with a proxy brush.  A proxy brush is a specially designed tool that will help clean the cracks and crevices of your braces. To use the proxy brush, place the bristle part (it looks something akin to a Christmas tree) in between the wire and your teeth.  Brush up and down to remove any lingering particles.

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